Were did it go? stuff i really,really miss :-(. photo of pam.

Freezer Queen Boiling Bags

Milk butter boil potatoes until soft. mash with milk and butter. scoop into muffin tins and freeze. once frozen, remove from muffin tins and keep in a freezer bag.
Cooking freeze dried food is as about as easy as boiling water. re-package, you can still reconstitute in the bag, but you need to use a strong freezer bag, another handy tip you might remember is that a long dairy queen spoon is handy.

And she eats lots of other stuff; keep offering different kinds of meat (my kids used to love the little banquet/freezer queen boil-in bags with small round slices of pony express - bitterness.
Feb 25, 2009 step two: bring a large pot of water to boil. fill a freezer bag (heat safe) with the grated soap and approximately 1/2 to 1 ounce of liquid.
The old days of “freezer queen” meals are long gone. the trends are as follows: stacks of quart and gallon freezer bags fit compactly inside any size freezer. dress with what you boil, crock pot, grill or bake meats. shred warm meat.
I'm thinking about just cooking my previous freezer bag meals straight but if you want a cheaper option for gussetted boil-safe bags check out: . another tip i recall from "the fbc queen" is to use name brand freezer bags, ant cranny.
Engineering cells for more efficient biofuel production
Boston MA (SPX) Feb 25, 2013
n the search for renewable alternatives to gasoline, heavy alcohols such as isobutanol are promising candidates. Not only do they contain more energy than ethanol, but they are also more compatible with existing gasoline-based infrastructure. For isobutanol to become practical, however, scientists need a way to reliably produce huge quantities of it from renewable sources. MIT chemical engineers and biologists have now devised a way to dramatically boost isobutanol production in yeast, which natur ... read more
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